grUVywear Girls Rash Guard Sun Protective UV Swim Shirt & Bikini Swim Skirt Set


Made in USA PREMIUM QUALITY ASSURANCE *** Because we oversee production in California, from fabric inspection to checking finished garments before bagging, we can GUARANTEE DURABLE high quality UPF 50+ sun protective clothing, without relying on importing countries that have little regard for quality control or employee working conditions. SKIN SAFE – NO SUNSCREEN CHEMICALS *** Since this a safety product, our sun protecting SPF 50 capabilities are woven into the fabric, not sprayed on. Manufacturing facilities overseas are not held to the same SAFETY regulations as US facilities & when a finished product comes from half a world away, you will not know where and how long it has been sitting in what cargo ship, and with what chemicals. Made in America, our lab certified UPF 50+ fabric assures higher safety standards. COMBINES FASHION and FUNCTION *** Any girl between 3-14 years old wearing this modest swimsuit will not only get the benefits of stylish swimwear, but will also have all day UVA/UVB sun protection. Unique eye catching prints and rhinestone designs provide the ultimate in modest but grUVy UV Sun protection. VERSATILE & COMFORTABLE ? Two-piece swim shirt and swim skirt design can be worn separately or mixed and matched with other grUVy long sleeve tops or swim shorts offering numerous combinations. Soft, quick-drying, breathable nylon spandex fabric and flat lock stitching design (which prevents chafing) makes our sets so comfortable that she will want to wear her sun set all day long, both in and out of the water, whether by the pool, beach or any outdoor resort location. WORRY FREE GUARANTEE *** grUVywear stands behind every item that leaves our US based factory. We want you feeling grUVy about your sun protective set which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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